20mph limit proposed across London

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Speed limits will be reduced to 20mph on London's roads as part of a new approach to road safety.

The 'Vision Zero' action plan announced by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, aims to eliminate deaths and serious injuries from London's transport network.

Starting from the premise that no death or serious injury on London's roads is acceptable or inevitable, Transport for London's new approach includes introducing a 20mph general speed limit on all TfL roads within the Congestion Charging Zone by 2020, as well as work to make the most dangerous junctions safer, tough safety standards for the design of HGVs, and a comprehensive bus safety programme including speed-limiting technology and a new training course for all drivers.

The lower speed limit inside the Congestion Charging Zone prioritises the part of the capital with a high volume of vulnerable road users including people who walk, cycle or use a motorcycle, the Mayor's office said.

To help fulfil this ambition, 8.9km of roads within the Congestion Charging Zone will become 20mph by the end of the Mayoral term. Overall, TfL is aiming for 150km of new lower speed limits to be introduced on its road network.

Road safety charity Brake welcomed the initiative.

"The Mayor is right to focus on speed reduction and the rollout of 20mph limits -- simply put, lower speeds save lives," said the charity's director of campaigns, Joshua Harris.

"If you are hit by a car at 30mph you are more likely to die, if you are hit at 20mph, you are more likely to survive. This stark fact should be reason enough for all to welcome the introduction of safe 20mph limits across the capital. London is setting an example the rest of the UK should follow and we urge the government to make 20mph the default speed for built-up areas across the UK, helping make streets across the country safer and more welcoming."

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