Poor parking causing tension between neighbours

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According to a new RAC survey, motorists get annoyed with their neighbours' parking habits, with some turning to retaliation tactics to make it more difficult for the badly parked car to get out.

Of those questioned, 14% described their neighbours' parking as 'poor' or 'appalling', with nearly half of those having retaliated in order to give the thoughtless parker a taste of their own medicine by deliberately parking badly to annoy their neighbour.

When asked how they viewed their neighbours' parking, 62% said their neighbours parked selfishly while two fifths (41%) said they were annoyed that people parked on the street despite having space on their driveway.

This poor parking has resulted in 31% of drivers being blocked in and 27% of motorists took issue with parked cars that were left with one end sticking out.

Shockingly, the survey found that for those who described their neighbours' parking as 'appalling' or 'poor', 73% deal with this behaviour every day, with a quarter ending up having personal arguments.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams commented: "The moment someone parks selfishly people's hackles are going to be raised, whether that's parking in the street when they have the space to be able to park on their own drive or parking so close that it makes it almost impossible to get out."

"The answer has to be for every motorist to take a little bit of extra time to think about how their parking might affect their neighbours and fellow drivers," Williams added.

Has parking ever caused an issue between you and your neighbours? 







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