Motorists shaving and eating cereal among distracted drivers caught by police

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Motorists shaving and eating cereal among distracted drivers caught by police

During a joint five-day operation targeting main roads and motorways, police forces for Thames Valley and Hampshire stopped 151 motorists for driving while distracted, the RAC reports.

The most common source of driver distraction was illegal mobile phone use at the wheel, with a staggering 137 of the 151 offenders pulled over for this.

It was noted by a spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary that the majority of mobile phone users were holding their devices below the steering wheel and were staring the screen instead of the road ahead.

Some of the more shocking examples included a motorist in control of an HGV shaving at the wheel on the M4 and a van driver eating cereal on the M27.

With officers using an HGV tractor unit to monitor on-road behaviours, police caught drivers reading books on roads such as the M3, M4, M40, M27 and A34.

During the crackdown, 25 drivers were stopped for speeding and eight for careless driving, while several were found to be driving without a valid insurance policy or in an untaxed vehicle.

The RAC Report on Motoring 2016 suggests that the majority of drivers suffer from distraction, with just 16% of motorists claiming not to get distracted while driving.

RAC road safety spokesman, Pete Williams, commented: "Being distracted at the wheel can have tragic consequences.

"All it takes is a moment's loss of concentration from reaching for a mobile phone, fiddling with a sat-nav or adjusting an in-vehicle device to lose control and find yourself involved in a life-changing accident."

Sergeant Paul Diamond confirmed that identifying distracted drivers has become a Roads Policing Unit priority for the two regions.

How can authorities tackle driver distraction?

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