'Flat battery Tuesday' sees 32% rise in breakdowns

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'Flat battery Tuesday' sees 32% rise in breakdowns

Breakdown services saw an increase in call-outs on what is being called 'flat battery Tuesday', Fleet News reports.

The AA alone had calls from over 17,000 people requiring assistance. This made Tuesday 3 January one of the busiest days for breakdowns in the last 12 months.

The motoring organisation received one breakdown call every two seconds during the morning rush on the first working day of 2017. This represented a rise of 32% when compared to a regular day.

As the UK is braced for harsh frost over the coming weeks, the AA is advising motorists to be prepared for hazardous driving conditions. This includes allowing extra time for winter journeys and time to de-ice the car.

AA patrol of the year, John Snowling, warned motorists not to be tempted to pour warm water over their windscreens as, if there is already a chip, "the sudden temperature change could lead to a crack developing, while the water that runs on to the drive could quickly turn into an icy slip hazard."

Snowling added that there is likely to be ice on the roads, especially untreated ones, if there is ice on your car.

"Black ice can't easily be seen, so drive gently and allow plenty of space between you and the car in front to account for increased stopping distances."

The motoring organisation also cautioned drivers against leaving their car unattended with the engine running to clear the windscreen because, as well as being against the law, it allows car thieves to make the most of such opportunities.

Did you suffer a breakdown on your first day back to work?

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