SMMT calls for more to be done to boost uptake of electric vehicles and infrastructure

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SMMT calls for more to be done to boost uptake of electric vehicles and infrastructure

While sales of electric vehicles (EVs) have soared recently, more needs to be done to make them cheaper and easier to charge.

That's according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), which has called on carmakers and the government to do more to make EVs more attractive to drivers, Auto Express reports.

This follows a YouGov study which showed that potential EV buyers are being put off by the lack of charging infrastructure and high prices.

The research, which was conducted on behalf of the SMMT, found that over half (51%) of adults in the UK would like to buy an EV in order to save on their fuel bills, but just 13% of those in the market for a new car said the next vehicle they buy is most likely to be alternatively fuelled.

The lack of charging points near their home or at work put off nearly half the respondents, while just over two fifths (41%) said the higher purchase price was more than they could afford.

Auto Express reported recently that while electric and plug-in car ownership grew from 2,254 vehicles in 2012 to 85,983 in 2016, the number of charging points in the UK only increased from 2,883 in 1,287 locations to 11,736 in 4,243 locations during the same timeframe. The ratio of EVs to chargers has grown from 0.78 to 7.32 in just four years, according to the data obtained by charge point database Zap-Map.

SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes said: "A consistent approach to incentives – fiscal and otherwise – and, most importantly, greater investment in the charging network is essential if we are to grow this emerging market."

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