British roads third most congested in Europe

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British roads third most congested in Europe

A study by traffic analysts Inrix has found that the UK has the third most congested roads in Europe, with drivers spending an average of 32 hours a year stuck in traffic, Auto Express reports.

The research, which analysed 87 cities and large urban areas in the UK, revealed that the UK is behind only Russia and Turkey when it comes to congestion in Europe.

Unsurprisingly, London is the most congested city in the UK, with drivers spending an average of 73 hours stuck in traffic in 2016. The UK's capital was also found to be the second most congested city in Europe and the seventh worst city for traffic globally.

Manchester and Aberdeen were the second and third most congested cities in Britain, with an average of 39 and 35 hours stuck in traffic, respectively.

While the levels of traffic have fallen in London, from 101 hours to 73 hours last year, the national average has risen from 30 hours to 32 hours.

The direct and indirect costs of congestion for British drivers amount to £30.8bn a year, or an average of £968 for each driver. In London, the cost per motorist rises to £1,911.

Graham Cookson, chief economist at Inrix, said: "The cost of this congestion is staggering, stripping the economy of billions, impacting businesses and costing consumers dearly.

"To tackle this problem, we must consider bold options such as remote working, wider use of road user charging and investment in big data to create more effective and intelligent transportation systems."

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