Rise in number motorists caught driving while banned

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Figures obtained by BBC Radio 5 Live suggest the number of people caught driving while banned in the UK has risen by 7.5%.

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) data shows around 14,500 people were caught driving without a licence last year, BBC News reports.

A total of 109,660 motorists were banned from driving, the oldest being 94 while the youngest was found to be below the legal age, at just 12 years old.

Shockingly, three 12-year-olds were banned from driving last year. Being too young to legally drive, a non-licence holder record is set up in their name on the DVLA's database. The offender can then only apply for a licence once their ban has expired.

Gloucestershire Chief Constable and road policing lead for the National Police Chiefs Council, Suzette Davenport, noted that those caught driving while banned won't have insurance, as they're disqualified drivers, "so that immediately poses a risk to all of us".

She added that education campaigns were being run by the police in order to try to stop people from being banned in the first place. Davenport also said that technology was used to help catch those flouting the law.

North Yorkshire Police Traffic Constable Dan Hughes said he and his colleagues use a combination of intelligence, automatic number plate recognition technology and occasionally luck to track down offenders.

Speaking to the BBC, he explained: "I came across a person just a couple of weeks ago – I was dealing with him for other offences as well as driving while disqualified. He was disqualified six times over already.

"People who drive while disqualified will keep getting disqualified."

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