Claims against uninsured drivers up 10%

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New figures from the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) reveal an increase in accident claims against uninsured drivers.

In the last year there has been a rise of almost 10% in the number of claims made following accidents with uninsured drivers.

It's the first increase for more than a decade, according to the MIB.

Since 2004 the number of claims against uninsured drivers has fallen by more than 50%, from around 25,000 per year to around 11,000, thanks to a commitment from the industry, police, DVLA and the government to tackle the problem.

The recent increase could be caused by more people driving without insurance, as well as the effect of claims management companies. Other possible factors include changes in the number of vehicles on the road and the effectiveness of law enforcement.

Commenting on the latest figures, MIB chief executive Ashton West said: "The numbers of claims handled by MIB each year highlights the devastating impact of uninsured driving on communities and families up and down the country.

"We recognise the need to understand the increase in claims further so are currently undertaking a piece of work to explore what impact this could be having. Ultimately our message is the same as always -- if you are driving without insurance you will get caught."

The MIB acts on behalf of the industry to compensate victims of uninsured and untraced drivers. According to BBC News, this year the organisation expects to pay out £256m from money provided by insurers -- a cost that adds an average of £15 to each motor insurance premium.







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