Survey reveals worrying lack of basic car maintenance knowledge among UK drivers

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tiThe survey, which questioned 1,500 road users, also suggests that young drivers have a particular lack of knowledge, with nearly two thirds (62%) of respondents aged 18 to 24 saying they struggle to change a tyre, while over a third admitted they don't know how to check for tyre tread or pressure, Fleet News reports.

But it wasn't just young drivers who revealed uncertainties in basic vehicle maintenance. Nearly a quarter (23%) of middle aged motorists were found to not know how to change their oil, and 12% confessed they can't change their vehicle's windscreen washer fluid.

Improved in-car technology seems to have altered the behaviour of drivers, as the research found that over a quarter (27%) of respondents don't check their oil level until a warning light or beeper tells them to do so.

Meanwhile, a similar proportion (26%) said they only refuel when their car warns them to.

Chief operating officer of Alphabet, Matt Sutherland, commented: "While this research shows that it's not just the millennial generation that struggle with vehicle upkeep, what it also shows is that as a society we are becoming more and more reliant on experts and third party providers to assist us with vehicle maintenance."

He believes this change is in-part influenced by on-demand services becoming an integral part of our everyday lives.

However, Sutherland added: "We would encourage drivers of all ages to familiarise themselves with the basics of vehicle maintenance, such as checking their tyre pressures, tyre tread depth and oil levels."

Knowing basic vehicle maintenance helps drivers stay safe on the road and reduces the risk of breaking down, Sutherland noted.







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