UK drivers don't know basic road and car rules, survey finds

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A new Halfords online survey has revealed that more than half of drivers in the UK do not know the basic rules of driving, Fleet World reports.

Of the 4,500 plus drivers who have already taken the survey, more than half (59%) have failed.

The survey tests drivers on topics ranging from road signs to the law on drink driving to symbols on your dashboard.

'What is the blood alcohol limit for drivers in England and Wales?' was the question that was answered incorrectly by the most drivers. More than two thirds (69%) of respondents were not aware of the legal alcohol limit.

The region that had the highest knowledge on drink driving limits was Scotland, while East Anglia had the least knowledge. Nearly three quarters (74%) of drivers from East Anglia didn't know the legal limit.

Female drivers beat male motorists on two questions. The questions were: 'When checking the engine oil level, at what temperature should your engine be?' and 'You're driving along a dual carriageway in a car; the speed limit is not stated but there are street lights lining the road. What is the speed limit?'

Perhaps unsurprisingly, drivers with 20+ years' worth of experience were found to be the most roadworthy while those who had been driving for 1-6 months scored the lowest out of all respondents.

Drivers from the West Midlands were the most roadworthy while those in Northern Ireland were the least.







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