Top 10 best and worst drivers by profession revealed

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There are the characterised bad drivers, including the "boy racer" and the "white van man", however, the Telegraph reports that these groups of motorists are not Britain's worst drivers.

In fact, new figures have revealed that the drivers we should be avoiding do not fit with any of the stereotypes and are actually, typically, middle class, middle-aged, professional and most likely to be male.

Responsible for 16,000 accident claims in 2015, accountants have the highest number of claims by profession.

Solicitors were also high up the list, having made 15,000 accident claims. Financial advisers, bank managers and doctors also made the list of the most accident prone professions when behind the wheel.

Those who believe the "white van man" stereotype may be in for a shock, as roofers and builders were among the least accident prone professions.

Roofers were found to be the most cautious drivers in the UK, being linked to just over 3,850 accidents in 2015. Farmers also ranked highly on the list.

According to the research, the top 10 worst drivers by profession are:

1. Accountant

2. Solicitor

3. Doctor

4. Financial adviser

5. Letting agent

6. Airline cabin crew

7. Bank manager

8. IT manager

9. Pharmacist

10. Train driver


And the best are:

1. Roofer

2. Farm worker

3. Builder

4. Lorry driver

5. Cleaner

6. Carpet fitter

7. Factory worker

8. Mechanic

9. Butcher

10. Painter and decorator


Does your profession fall into either of these lists?








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