New report predicts half of all UK car sales will be driverless by 2041

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Driverless cars will account for 50% of UK car sales by the year 2041, according to a new report from South Korean manufacturer Kia.

The brand is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its arrival in the UK marketplace, commissioning the report 'Transformation: The Future of Driving' to mark the occasion. The report looks to the future of the automotive industry over the next quarter century, covering a range of topics including developing technologies and the role connectivity will play in cars.

The report predicts that there will be around eight million 'connected' cars on UK roads by 2020 -- vehicles with the ability to communicate with each other as well as interact with their surroundings. Some are expected to be able to communicate with the road, checking for any potential hazards as well as traffic delays on routes. Furthermore, Kia expects that in the next 25 years we'll see cars with increasing degrees of autonomy begin to take over the roads of the UK and dramatic changes to the infrastructure in order to accommodate these vehicles as their popularity begins to increase.

Amongst other predictions in the report, it was suggested that autonomous cars might eradicate the prevalence of parking fines whilst opening up increased mobility opportunities for people with disabilities.

Dr. Frank Shaw, one of Time Magazine's '10 most influential thinkers in the world' commented: "The future of the car industry is an exciting one, as there will be a transformation from an industry built by mechanics to one that is largely driven by software developers... I am confident however that over the next 25 years, the industry and technology companies will deliver a safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly driving experience for everyone."







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