Who are the most dangerous drivers?

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There are many stereotypes of drivers, but do drivers believe these typecasts when it comes to our opinions of others on the road?

A new survey by Jennings Motor Group has shed light on the particular views we hold when it comes to the worst type of drivers, the worst cars on the road and the worst habits, the Plymouth Herald reports.

When it comes to the worst type of drivers on the road, 'boy racers' seemed to get most of the stick, with nearly half (47.4%) of respondents rating them as the worst.

They were followed by pensioners and white van drivers, cited by 27% and 23.9%, respectively. Parents on the school run (17.3%) and lorry drivers (8.8%) completed the top five.

Interestingly, more women perceived pensioners to be the worst drivers in the UK, with nearly a third (29.2%) viewing their driving negatively. In fact, some women (9.3%) are in favour of scrapping driving licences for pensioners.

BMW drivers also came out of the survey badly as they were voted the worst drivers on the road by more than a fifth (21.3%) of respondents. The German manufacturer was the brand most associated with bad driving, by both men and women, in all regions of the UK.

The other five brands linked with the worst drivers were Renault (8%), Audi (6.3%), Volkswagen (4.1%) and Peugeot (2.3%).

There are also certain characteristics associated with brands, and again BMW came out badly. BMW drivers were perceived as being aggressive (73.3%). In comparison, Mercedes drivers were seen as the most overcautious, cited by 27.8%.

Do you fall into one of the 'bad driver' categories?







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