Over two thirds of motorists plagued by bad "carma"

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There are numerous checks that motorists can do to their cars to reduce the risk of having a breakdown, but sometimes it's just a case of bad luck.

And new research by RAC Cars has revealed that vehicle problems that have occurred as a result of bad luck mean drivers have to spend over £1,500 on repairs.

Vehicles regularly coming into trouble due to factors outside of the driver's control seems to be a common occurrence, with over two thirds (68%) of motorists saying they have suffered from the effects of bad "carma".

Owning a car that was plagued by issues such as unreliability, accidents and internal and external damage was cited by nearly a third (29%) of those questioned.

But it seems some motorists are even more unlucky, with more than a fifth (22%) having two "cursed" cars during their driving lives, while 2% of respondents said they experienced bad luck issues with between six and 10 vehicles.

Suffering from bad "carma" obviously stuck in motorists' memories, as nearly two fifths (39%) could remember how much they had spent on such issues. The research found the average cost of dealing with bad "carma" was £1,719.

Unreliability and breaking down were the most common issues, striking nearly six in 10 (59%) motorists.

Following these were running up costly repair bills and accidents, cited by 29% and 28%, respectively.

Used vehicles were the most common source of bad luck for motorists, with nearly three quarters (75%) experiencing them with used motors an average of 7.7 months after purchase, while an unfortunate 15% experienced such problems with new cars.

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