Research reveals where drivers are most likely to have a speeding ticket overturned

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Auto Express research has revealed the areas where drivers have a higher chance of getting a speeding ticket overturned.

According to the study, there have been over 7.6 million speeding tickets issued by police forces since 2011. However, nearly one in 10 (8.4%) drivers manage to successfully cancel the fine.

What's more, Auto Express found that drivers caught speeding in London or Northamptonshire were more than twice as likely to have their fine overturned.

Last year saw the highest number of tickets issued in five years with 1.6 million tickets issued, the Freedom of Information (FOI) request revealed.

As well as reaching the highest level of tickets issued, 2015 was also the least successful year for drivers appealing their tickets. While drivers in 2014 had a success rate of 9.2%, last year this decreased to 7.6%.

Through its FOI, Auto Express revealed that drivers caught speeding by the Metropolitan Police were the most likely to avoid points and a fine, with almost one in five tickets being cancelled.

In contrast, those caught by Sussex Police were the least likely, with just a 0.4% chance of having their ticket overturned.

The top five areas with the highest rates for overturning fines in 2011-2015 were:

Metropolitan Police – 17.4%

Northamptonshire – 16.8%

Greater Manchester – 13.6%

Merseyside – 11.0%

Leicestershire – 9.9%

And the areas with the lowest rates were:

Sussex – 0.4%

Cleveland – 1.3%

Durham – 2.1%

Cumbria – 3.9%

Norfolk – 4.8%

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