Pothole fund launched

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The UK Government has announced how it will divide up the £50m pothole fund between local councils in England, the RAC reports.

The fund will be split between 118 authorities and will repair 943,000 potholes. According to the BBC, Devon council will receive the largest portion of the fund, with £2m given to fill in 36,830 potholes. In comparison, Slough will receive £43,000 to fill 811.

The funding each local council receives has been calculated according to the "size of the local road network in the area."

The money is the first instalment of the £250m Pothole Action Fund, which will continue to run over the next four years.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said motorists will notice improved journeys between now and 2020/2021.

David Bizley, chief engineer for the RAC, commented: "While any cash to fix potholes is welcome, we will not get on top of the problem until there is a recognition that potholes arise because of a lack of preventative maintenance.

"It's time for the Government to recognise that local roads are a vital part of the transport infrastructure which should be brought into the scope of the Infrastructure Commission so that they are rightly treated as a long-term strategic asset.

"While the Government's Road Investment Strategy is ensuring the future 'fitness-for-purpose' of the strategic road network in England there is a very real danger that local roads will suffer ongoing decline through insufficient investment and no long-term strategy to improve them."

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