Half of UK motorists want over-70s to retake driving test

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In the last year, 17,000 drivers aged 70 or over had their driving licence revoked or refused as a result of a medical condition, figures from a Freedom of Information request reveal.

The Western Daily Press reports that half of drivers in the UK want to see a change in the law, so drivers over a certain age have to retake the driving test before they are allowed back behind the wheel.

More than a fifth (21%) of people questioned in a Confused.com survey believe everyone should have to retake their driving test every 10 years.

The current law states that drivers must renew their licence every three years once they reach 70. It is a legal requirement for older drivers to declare whether they are fit to drive.

DVLA figures reveal there are currently more than 4.5 million drivers over the age of 70 on the road. Included in this are 239 motorists aged 100 or over. One male driver holds a full licence at the age of 108.

This latest research could cause concern for older drivers as the thought of having their licence taking away worries one in five older people (19%). Older drivers also said that driving helps them to remain independent and confident, cited by 36% and 11%, respectively.

However, nearly two fifths (39%) of respondents said they have an elderly relative or friend whose driving is causing concern. Two in three are worried they may cause an accident.

In fact, 6% have reported a loved one to the police after deeming them to be unfit to drive.

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