London most congested city in Europe

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London most congested city in Europe

Analysis sponsored by the Sunday Times has revealed the sheer extent of the growing issue of road traffic congestion in the UK, which has increased 40% in the last four years.

According to the International Business Times, the analysis, which was conducted by traffic information company Inrix, looked at 18 urban areas covering 50% of the UK population.

And it seems it's bad news for commuters as the increase in road traffic congestion saw the average time spent in rush-hour traffic jams increase by 12.4 hours per year when compared to 2012.

For those commuting in the capital, it's even worse news. Whereas the average annual time spent in London traffic in 2012 was 72 hours, this figure has soared to 101 hours per year. This new figure for London is 40.3% higher than the 2012 average.

The growth in congestion in London has resulted in the capital overtaking Brussels to become the most congested city in Europe.

But the increase in traffic isn't just affecting motorists. Those who travel on buses in London might consider walking instead. On the busiest roads in London, the average speed of buses was 3.8mph, while the average walking speed of an adult is 3.1mph.

The squeeze caused by cycle lanes, such as the controversial East-West Cycling superhighway in London, and the increase in deliveries from online shopping are thought to be contributing factors to the worsening congestion.

While cycle lanes may have added to the traffic on the roads, cycling is now one of the fastest ways to travel across London.

What do you think should be done to ease congestion?

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