Young drivers admit they are unsafe at the wheel

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Young drivers often get a bad reputation for being reckless on the roads, but a new report suggests there may be some truth to this stereotype.

Research by Continental Tyres, as part of its road safety campaign Vision Zero, found that four in 10 new young drivers admitted to being unsafe on the road, reports.

The research, which surveyed 1,000 motorists aged 17 to 24 and 1,000 parents of young drivers, revealed that nearly half (47%) of young drivers feel their road safety knowledge is inadequate.

But it isn't just road safety knowledge that young drivers feel they fall short on. According to the report, 50% of young motorists don't know where to start when it comes to the basics of car care, such as checking their tyres.

Tyre problems may be the biggest cause of car breakdowns, but less than half of young drivers know the legal tyre tread limit, while a fifth aren't aware of the solution they have available if they were to have a puncture, such as a spare tyre.

It wasn't just young drivers that had a poor knowledge, however, as the research found parents were 30% less likely than their children to know the legal tyre tread depth limit.

Young drivers would like to improve their road safety, with better education being listed as the top solution by 70% of respondents. This was followed by more enforcement, such as harsher penalties (38%), and making routine safety checks part of the driving test (36%).

Should road safety be more prevalent in the driving test?







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