Report claims certain tyre pressure monitors fail under real driving conditions

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Report claims certain tyre pressure monitors fail under real driving conditions

A new report by campaign group Transport & Environment suggests tyre pressure monitors fitted to some models are only capable of passing lab-based vehicle type approval tests and fail in real driving conditions.

As Auto Express reports, this could put drivers and other road users in danger.

In an attempt to cut costs, some carmakers are fitting cheap indirect tyre pressure monitoring systems costing less than £9.

Indirect systems measure pressure through the use of vibration and wheel rotations whereas direct systems actually measure the air pressure inside the tyre.

Independent vehicle testing was carried out on two Volkswagen and Fiat vehicles, with results indicating the cheaper indirect systems failed the majority of real-world driving tests as they failed to warn drivers about deflated tyres.

According to the report, the indirect systems were even less efficient in vehicles with a higher mileage.

Tyres that are correctly inflated handle and brake more efficiently. As a result, it is estimated that correctly inflated tyres could reduce the number of speed-related accidents by up to 20%.

Current EU legislation doesn't differentiate between direct or indirect tyre pressure monitoring systems, as long as they meet the approval test requirement.

However, it does state that tyre pressure monitors must issue a warning signal no later than 10 minutes after the pressure in one of the tyres falls by 20% or down to 1.5bar.

Speaking to Auto Express, a Volkswagen spokesperson explained that the system has to be reset after each refill or change of tyre, and that they cannot verify if those doing the tests ensured the tyre pressure monitoring systems were correctly calibrated as they didn't witness the tests.

Do you know what type of tyre pressure monitoring system your vehicle has?

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