New app prevents young drivers checking phone while driving

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A new mobile app designed to prevent young drivers checking their phones when behind the wheel could also reduce their insurance premiums, Auto Express reports.

The app is being developed by employee tracking specialist Romex.

Using the phone's GPS system to detect when it's travelling at 4mph or more, the app will then lock the device so as to disable calls, texts, emails, social media accounts and other distractions. The app will also be able to monitor the driver's speed and the time spent behind the wheel.

The firm, which sells a similar product to the fleet sector, will be targeting the app at young drivers. It is reported that the launch could be as soon as May.

Speaking to Auto Express, Romex's sales director, Steve Arscott, said: "It's called Distraction Prevention. We're approaching young drivers because they're the ones most likely to be glued to their phones."

"We're looking for insurance partners at the moment. One good incentive for a young driver to have it on their phone is they would get a rebate on their insurance policy," Arscott added.

The app, which will charge for the service, will be linked with an app called Guardian. This app allows parents to monitor the whereabouts of the driver and whether they have been speeding.

The app will include a feature to declare yourself a passenger and will also send a notification via the Guardian app.

There is talk of a reward system for users to earn points and exchange them for rewards if a certain number of journeys are completed without negative results.







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