MP calls for first aid training for learner drivers

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A new Bill which would make first aid training compulsory for learner drivers is being debated in Parliament, the Glasgow Evening Times reports.

The Bill, which is being put forward by Colchester MP Will Quince, will make it a requirement for those learning to drive to attend a four-hour first aid course before receiving their licence.

Similar requirements are already in place in several European countries. In order to qualify for a driving theory test in Switzerland, prospective drivers have to prove they have received 10 hours of certified first aid training.

Quince said: "A survey for St John Ambulance found 59% of people wouldn't feel confident enough to save a life. At the scene of an accident, 24% would do nothing until an ambulance arrived or a passer-by who knew first aid appeared."

He explained that the Bill would significantly change the UK population's knowledge of first aid.

Quince continued: "Around 63% of the population aged between 21 and 29 have a driving licence. If that figure remains steady, within around 13 years, this proposal would have helped to ensure nearly two thirds of the people under the age of 30 in Britain would be potential life savers."

The MP will present his Driving Licence (Mandatory First Aid Training) Bill, which has the support of the British Red Cross and St John Ambulance, using the 10 Minute Rule Motion. This procedure allows any MP to put forward draft legislation.

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