Modern Transport Bill announced in Queen's Speech

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The Queen's Speech took place this week to outline the proposed legislation the Government aims to bring about in the new Parliamentary year.

It was during this speech that the Modern Transport Bill was announced, the Guardian reports.

With talk of driverless cars being tested on public roads, widespread drone use and a commercial spaceport, the UK almost sounds like the setting for a sci-fi novel.

However, the Modern Transport Bill looks set to make this a reality. The main aim of the legislation is to allow the UK to continue investing in and exploiting its advantages as a testing ground for driverless cars.

According to the Chancellor, George Osborne, the Government sees a huge potential in autonomous vehicles.

While grey areas may remain over driverless car technology, the new legislation will aim to bring clarity.

The proposals include allowing autonomous vehicles to be insured under regular car insurance policies. This means they will be able to be driven outside of controlled test conditions by ordinary people.

It is hoped that this bill will help win public acceptance of this new technology, as manufacturers of autonomous vehicles believe this could cause delays in the introduction of driverless cars.

The proposed legislation will also aim to bring further clarity and public acceptance as companies such as Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover and Vodafone look to roll out driverless car trials on UK public roads, as announced by the Government earlier in the year.

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