UK motorists believe there should be restrictions on new drivers

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Road safety charity Brake is promoting the idea of a graduated driving licensing (GDL) system, in light of figures revealing drivers aged between 17 and 19 are involved in 9% of fatal crashes, despite this age group constituting just 1.5% of licence holders, the Express reports.

What's more, one in five new drivers crash in their first six months on the road.

There are numerous countries globally that have a GDL system in place. The aim is to make sure young drivers are as skilled and safe as possible when they start to drive on their own.

In the charity's survey asking what restrictions should be in place for the first year of being given a driving licence, two thirds (66%) of people said they were in favour of the use of a "P" plate to show a driver was on probation.

A similar amount of respondents said they would back a zero-tolerance drink-drive limit for novice drivers.

Other limitations included a restricted engine size for new drivers, supported by half of those questioned, and taking the licence away from a newly qualified driver if they break any traffic laws, approved by more than a third.

When it comes to the process of learning to drive, nearly eight out of 10 (79%) believe there should be a minimum timeframe for learning to drive, with almost two thirds (62%) saying this should be at least six months.

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