MOT failure data reveals areas of least roadworthy cars

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New data from Automyze reveals that more than half of cars in Dundee failed their most recent MOT test, This is Money reports.

According to the research, which reviewed more than one million MOT records for UK registered vehicles, the Dundee MOT failure rate of 53.5% represented a UK high.

However, it wasn't just Dundee drivers who had to pay extra to have their vehicles retested. Car owners in the West Country also saw failure rates in excess of 50%. This included Truro, Plymouth, Exeter and Bath.

Dundee also wasn't the only area north of the border that had high MOT failure rates, as seven of the top 20 towns and cities are Scottish. The research revealed almost half of drivers in Aberdeen, Perth and Falkirk had to book a retest.

It seems motorists in these areas could be doing more to ensure their cars pass their MOT test the first time round.

According to Automyze, many of the faults that resulted in a failed test were completely avoidable through car maintenance, with tyre, headlight and indicator issues among the most frequent faults.

Brakes, the driver's view of the road, and steering and suspension also featured often.

Of those towns and cities with the lowest MOT failure rates, 18 out of 20 were in the south east of England. The Isle of Man was found to have the best MOT pass rate in the UK, with nearly three quarters (71.8%) of vehicles passing the first time.

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