Foxes blamed for cut brake cables

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Drivers in Royal Tunbridge Wells are being advised to check their brakes prior to setting off following a spate of incidents in which cables were chewed through by urban foxes, the Telegraph reports.

In the space of a fortnight, six incidents of brake lines being damaged were reported to police in the commuter town. Initially, foul play was suspected, but a wildlife expert identified the culprits as a group of fox cubs.

The undersides of cars are used by the juvenile animals as cover when they are on the prowl. In a bid to help strengthen their jaws and teeth, the cubs will often chew on the pipes.

As well as being told to check their brakes are working, drivers in the area are being advised to wash their cars in animal repellent in order to try and deter the foxes from taking cover there.

Fox expert John Bryant was called in to identify the culprits. He explained: "I looked at the damaged cables and the only possible explanation is foxes.

"Fortunately it is a pretty rare occurrence but you do get a couple of cases every year. It is the cubs who are teenage hooligans now so they are up to all sorts. They get under cars and snap away at all the cables when they are hyped up."

However, some of the victims of the incidents remain sceptical of the police's explanation.

No one was injured as a result of the incidents, with each being quickly noticed by the driver.

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