Fewer people see drink driving as unacceptable

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The biennial survey by the Department for Transport's road safety website, THINK!, has revealed a decrease in the number of people who deem drink driving to be unacceptable, the RAC reports.

According to the latest survey, 85% of those questioned agree that drink driving is dangerous, however, the proportion is 4% smaller than it was in 2013.

THINK! said the decrease in the amount of people who consider driving over the legal alcohol limit to be unacceptable was driven by answers of motorists aged between 17 and 34.

Overall, just over half (51%) of those surveyed viewed drink driving as one of the three road safety issues that should be given the highest priority by the Government, down from 63% in 2013.

The survey revealed another fall in what was considered a top three priority. The proportion of drivers who said using a mobile phone while driving should be prioritised fell from 37% to 32%.

There was also a decrease in the number of drivers who saw drug driving as a key issue, down from 28% to 20%.

However, THINK! believes the reduction in these areas could be due to the introduction of an extra choice of 'driving too fast for the conditions.' While this was not offered in the 2013 survey, nearly a fifth (18%) of those surveyed chose this option in the latest survey.

The number of motorists who listed speeding as one of the top three safety issues they want addressed remained the same, at 38%.

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