Average speed cameras on the increase

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New research by the RAC Foundation has revealed the number of road miles covered by permanent average speed cameras has doubled in the last three years, Auto Express reports.

New average speed cameras have been installed on 137 miles of the road network in the UK since 2013. There were 12 new systems installed last year alone. This brought the country's total to 50.

According to the RAC Foundation, more than 250 miles of roads in the UK are now constantly under the gaze of average speed cameras.

One reason for the increased use of average speed cameras is the falling costs of installation. When they were first introduced in 2000, average speed cameras costs taxpayers £1.5m per mile to install. Today, this has fallen to £100,000 per mile.

Another factor is the implementation of the cameras on the A9 in Scotland in a bid to reduce accident rates. According to Transport Scotland, the number of fatalities fell by 25% in the first year the cameras were introduced.

Operations Director at Road Safety Analysis, Richard Owen, commented: "Some of the old fixed speed cameras have been around for 25 years and they are based on 35mm film.

"They are coming to an end of their life so they're sometimes getting replaced with average speed camera systems."

Director of the RAC Foundation, Steve Gooding, added that "a high compliance rate means a very low penalty rate" which could benefit both road safety and drivers' wallets.

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