Quarter of UK drivers say nerves make them 'dangerous' when driving abroad

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Driving in another country can be a daunting experience. A recent survey conducted by Continental Tyres has revealed how UK motorists feel when driving abroad.

Car Keys reports that the survey revealed more than half of British drivers feel nervous when driving in another country.

What is worrying is that one in four of the 2,000 UK motorists questioned said their nerves result in them being dangerous on the roads.

What's more, a third of drivers were found to have been involved in a road incident while on holiday. This included traffic accidents and being booked by the police.

Despite being nervous about driving overseas, seven in 10 of those surveyed admitted not researching the traffic laws before driving in that country.

And it seems holidaymakers can be careless when it comes to car checks as nearly half (48%) said they never check their brakes or tyres before using their car abroad.

Mark Griffiths, a safety expert for Continental Tyres, said: "This research shows that motorists can be more at risk when driving on holiday in the UK or overseas.

"It is essential for those who drive on holiday wherever they are to make sure they do simple checks and consider what the rules of the road are for their holiday location.

"It is also important that people drive when calm and alert so that their attention is on the road and their driving ability is not compromised."

Griffiths added that taking a break can help drivers settle their nerves, but it's important to do so in a safe place.

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