Research highlights the importance of having a test drive

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Getting annoyed with our car from time to time is something all drivers have in common but new research from Kia Motors has revealed that this isn't always such a rare occurrence, reports.

According to the research, half of the 1,500 motorists questioned admitted to hitting their steering wheel or kicking the car's tyres in anger.

Wing mirrors were also found to be a source for drivers to take out their frustration, with nearly 20% saying they had smashed a wing mirror in anger, while one in 10 revealed they had hit their car with an object.

Of those surveyed, almost half (49%) said they feel "annoyance, dislike or hatred" towards their vehicle four times a week. Unfortunately for friends and family, they know of this dislike as they are complained to an average of 18 times a week.

When asked what the biggest annoyances were, poor reliability, abnormal noises, high fuel consumption and repair and servicing costs all made it onto the list.

It seems cost is one of the most common frustrations for drivers, as six in 10 (60%) said their car was their biggest financial demand.

When it came to the most likely triggers for an outburst, more than a third (37%) cited driving under stress, bad traffic conditions, running late and commuting.

Frustration with their motor had resulted in a fifth of respondents thinking about driving into a wall, tree or hedge.

And while more than six in 10 said they would scrap their current model for a newer or better one, two fifths said they couldn't afford to do so.

Paul Philpott, UK president of Kia Motors, said that many frustrations could be avoided by taking the car for a test drive before buying.

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