Figures reveal average motorway delay of 8.9 seconds per mile

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A new report by the Office for Road and Rail has revealed how bad motorway and A road traffic is in England.

The report found that motorists were stuck in traffic for nearly 15 minutes every 100 miles when driving on motorways and A roads in England, Auto Express reports. That equates to a delay of 8.9 seconds per mile.

According to the report, over the last year, 89.7 billion miles were driven on the Strategic Road Network which consists of motorways and A roads. This represents an increase of five billion miles in the past four years.

While the Strategic Road Network accounts for only 2% of road, it carries a third of traffic.

The report also revealed that average speeds slowed, with cars and vans now travelling at 59.3mph compared to 61.3mph four years ago.

While a new target to reduce delay time has been introduced, the report states that the success of this would depend on traffic growth and admits that it would be difficult to achieve and maintain.

The statistics were released as part of Highways England's annual report which also found that the agency failed to meet its user satisfaction rate. When asked if they were "fairly or very satisfied", 89.3% of users agreed -- below the 90% target.

Highways England may have missed its target for delays but it was able to beat some of its targets, including maintaining network availability, clearing motorway incidents and maintaining road surface quality.

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