Half of UK motorists break speed limit every day

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A national survey commissioned by RED Driving School has revealed that the speed limit is broken every day by half of UK drivers, the Daily Mirror reports.

Other reckless driving habits included driving one handed, which was cited by most UK drivers (88%), and speeding carelessly through a red light, admitted by nearly two thirds (65%).

The survey also revealed that more than two fifths (45%) of respondents said they had performed a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre as a result of their impatience.

The report highlighted the proportion of motorists suffering from road rage, with more than a third (35%) of drivers revealing they have tailgated people who they thought were driving too slowly.

However, not all the safety rules are being disobeyed. More than nine in 10 (95%) said they always wear a seatbelt.

When it comes to the worst driving habits of UK motorists, singing loudly took the top spot, cited by two fifths (40%).

Other bad habits included never cleaning their car and checking a mobile phone while driving, with 35% each.

British drivers' least favourable manoeuvre was found to be parallel parking, with more than two thirds (67%) saying it is the most difficult driving move.

RED Driving School chief executive Ian McIntosh said: "We can't emphasise the importance of road safety enough.

"Once people have passed their test it is imperative to abide by the Highway Code and keep up to date with the rules of driving."

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