Driving lessons planned for children under 10

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Driving lessons aimed at encouraging safe driving habits among the next generation of British drivers will target children aged between five and 10, the RAC reports.

The driving lessons will take place in a new electric training car. Young Driver Motor Cars, part of the Young Driver organisation providing driving lessons to those under 17, said the car will initially be used on private land.

Selected sites chosen across the UK will host the lessons as part of special driving training days.

The organisation has run lessons for more than 300,000 children aged between 10 and 17 over the last seven years.

The aim of the course is to encourage safe driving habits in young drivers, with the hope they will carry these habits with them when they are eventually old enough to get a provisional licence and take to the roads.

The Electric Trainer 1 (ET1) car will have a top speed of 10mph and children will be able to manoeuvre it around a network of purpose-built roads, featuring junctions, traffic lights and road markings.

According to Young Driver's director, Kim Stanton, the ET1 has been designed to provide young children with a "realistic driving experience" as well as an insight into road safety. It is hoped this insight will benefit them as pedestrians, cyclists and future drivers.

The car was unveiled at the Gadget Show and features a safety system that shuts down its twin electric motors if an imminent collision is sensed. It also has a remote control, allowing the vehicle to be stopped by an instructor or supervising parent.

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