Research reveals drivers confused about hit and run law

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New research conducted by the Department of Criminology at the University of Leicester on behalf of the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) has revealed some confusion among motorists regarding the hit and run law, Auto Express reports.

According to the research, nearly half (45%) of convicted hit and run drivers were not aware it was a legal offence to flee the scene of an accident.

Of the total 163,554 road traffic accidents in the UK in 2014, one in 10 involved a hit and run driver.

As well as any other convictions received, the DVLA explains failing to stop and report an accident can result in between five and 10 penalty points on your driving licence.

Young drivers aged between 16 and 34 were found to be the most likely to leave the scene of an accident. This was due to them being uninsured, driving over the alcohol limit, or because they had panicked.

However, 6% of young drivers claimed that nothing would have made them stop and report the accident.

If the accident was not felt serious enough to report, drivers over the age of 34 were most likely to drive off.

Feeling an accident wasn't serious enough to report was the reason nearly a third (29%) of convicted hit and run drivers gave for fleeing the scene.

MIB chief executive Ashton West commented: "We are working to raise awareness of 'hit and run' offences and the impact on society with the ultimate aim of bringing the number of incidents down."

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