Birmingham revealed as 'crash for cash' capital

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Research has revealed that Birmingham is England's "crash for cash" capital, with the B11 areas of Sparkbrook, Sparkhill and Tyseley named as particular hotspots for the scam, BBC News reports.

Staged accidents, when two damaged cars are strategically brought together in a bid to make it look like an accident, and induced accidents involving innocent drivers were included in the figures.

A crash for cash scam is when the car in front of you slams on their brakes for no obvious reason, meaning you collide with it.

However, the other driver will insist the fault lies with you and will hand over their insurance details which are often already prepared and written down.

When your insurer writes to you with details of the other driver's claim it will include exaggerated costs for things like car hire, recovery and whiplash injuries.

In the worst case, a staged crash for cash scam resulted in the death of another driver.

Bus passengers have also started to be targeted, as gangs claim thousands in fraudulent whiplash claims.

Former West Midlands Police detective, Neil Thomas, now independently investigates fraudulent crashes.

Thomas explained that people specifically target Birmingham and other big cities due to "the high volume of traffic."

The UK's top crash for cash locations in 2015 were:

1. Birmingham

2. North London

3. East London

4. Leeds

5. Harrow

6. North West London

7. Bradford

8. Luton

9. Coventry

10. Oldham

Have you ever been the victim of an induced crash for cash scam?







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