British motorists enjoy better driving experience on Europe's roads

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An RAC European Breakdown poll suggests that Europe's roads have less congestion and fewer potholes than those in the UK.

The survey, which questioned over 1,000 motorists, found that nearly a fifth (17%) believe the quality of roads in Europe are better to that back home.

The majority of British motorists had a better driving experience in Europe as a result of the lack of potholes on the continent's road network. The overwhelming majority (80%) said Europe had fewer potholes than the UK, although 18% said there was no difference.

Another key factor was congestion, with nearly three quarters (74%) of respondents saying the continent had less build-up of traffic than the UK.

But it wasn't just on the roads that British motorists had better experiences as many also enjoyed cheaper prices at the forecourt.

Nearly two thirds (65%) of respondents noted paying less for a litre of fuel in Europe than they would have paid whilst filling up back home.

The RAC's European Breakdown spokesman, Simon Williams, explained: "Even though we are currently enjoying an extended period of lower prices, the level of tax we pay to the Government always limits how far pump prices can fall when the cost of oil is low.

"In Europe where fuel duty rates are lower, the price of petrol and diesel is noticeably cheaper."

However, Williams noted that for motorists to take advantage of continental driving benefits, they need to ensure they are up to date with the rules of the road in the country they are visiting.

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