Storm Barney floods roads across UK

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Motorists are being warned by the police and motoring groups to take care after Storm Barney hit Britain and Ireland with 85 mph winds last night, causing floods, widespread damage and disruption.

"Motorists should resist the temptation to drive through standing water unless they are sure it is shallow enough to get through safely," RAC spokesman Simon Williams told the Daily Express website. "It could prove to be a very costly mistake otherwise."

"We urge anyone on the road in the thick of the storms to slow down and leave plenty of space behind the vehicle in the front," Williams added.

Here are a few tips, borrowed from Alex Robbins of the Daily Telegraph, on how to stay safe when driving on flooded roads:

1. Firstly check to see if there are alternative routes, but if you absolutely need to drive on a flooded road, make sure that it is safe to do so and remember that driving through deep water can cause very costly damage to your vehicle.

2. Slow down because too much speed might cause you to aquaplane – lifting your tyres from the road surface, with little or no grip. If your car is aquaplaning, attempt to slow down by lifting your foot off the accelerator and resist braking if safe to do so, as it may cause your car to skid.

3. Don't slow down too much, as going too slow can result in water flowing back into the radiator grille of your car, causing damage to your engine. Pick a steady speed and stick to it.

4. Carefully drive out of the flood and always test your brakes before continuing on your journey.







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