Preparing your car for Summer

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There are a few seasonal checks and maintenance that can be a carried out to ensure your car is in the best shape!

Always seek professional assistance and advice when carrying out car maintenance.


  • Air-Conditioning – During the peak temperatures in the summer, the air-conditioning is used heavily and it’s best to get this checked roughly every two years.
  • Antifreeze – Most people wouldn’t think to use antifreeze in the summer but what this does is increase the boiling point of the water in the radiator, which will keep the engine cool even at high mid-summer temperatures.
  • Brake Check – You should check your Brakes and Brake Fluid twice a year to ensure all is working. Also keep an eye on the anti-lock braking system, which will show an indicator on the dashboard if not working.
  • Tyre Pressures – Due to high mileage in the summer, always make sure your tyres are at the correct pressure level before travelling. You can refer to your vehicle manual instructions as to what level the tyres need to be.


Another factor to aid you when driving is trying to reduce fuel consumption. When driving long distances, you want to keep your running costs down. Here are a few tips to use to save some pennies...


  • Reduce Air-Con use – As much as it’s very difficult to not hit that air-con button, using it as sparingly can dramatically reduce your fuel consumption.
  • Drive sensibly – Ensure that you drive to the speed limit and don’t drive aggressive.  All vehicles lose fuel economy at speeds above 55mph.
  • Plan your journey – It’s easy to just jump in and drive but if you plan your journey beforehand, you get there quicker and no extra fuel is wasted.
  • Keep well-oiled – The oil in your car ensures that all mechanical parts work smoothly and efficiently. Keep the oil topped up for a smooth running car.







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