Car Insurance

Save money on your car insurance whether you are a safe driver looking for low cost insurance, find yourself paying more because you are a young driver, have a low no claims discount, maybe drive a performance car or even have points on your licence, our car insurance provides you with all the essentials plus a choice of optional products so you can tailor your cover which means you only pay for what you need.

Features & Benefits

    • Choice of Excess
      You take control of how much you want to pay by selecting from a range of excess options.

    • Free Courtesy Car
      A courtesy car is available whilst our approved repairer fixes your car (comprehensive cover only and subject to availability).

    • Named Driver No Claims Discount
      All named drivers earn No Claims Discount for them to use when they take out their own policy with us.

    • Windscreen Cover
      Repair and replacement of windscreens when you select comprehensive cover.

    • Car Audio and Navigation Equipment
      Unlimited cover for original manufacturer equipment and up to £500 for other equipment fitted to your car.

    • Replacement Locks Cover
      If you lose your car keys or they are stolen these will be replaced up to £500.

    • Personal Belongings Cover
      Personal belongings in your car are covered up to £100 if they are damaged or stolen.

    • 24 Hour Emergency Helpline
      If the worst happens we are here to help night and day.

    • Guaranteed Repairs
      All approved repairs are guaranteed for three years.

Optional Extras

Motor Legal Protection 

If you have a car accident that is clearly not your fault and you suffer losses you cannot recover, we will provide up to £100,000 of legal costs to help you recover these losses from the party responsible for the accident including;

  • Compensation for personal injury and cover for medical expenses.
  • Recovering your excess.
  • Loss of earnings or other losses or expense you have suffered
  • Recovering the cost of repairs if you do not have comprehensive cover.

Guaranteed Replacement

We guarantee a hire car if your car is not driveable after a claim even if your car is stolen, written off or the accident may have been your fault.

Choose from 14 or 28 days cover.


Car breakdowns can be very costly and inconvenient. Choose from a wide range of options that are provided by RAC who will come to the rescue if the worst happens and your car breaks down.

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Losing keys to your home, car or workplace, or other premises or property can be a nightmare. You can cover yourself against loss or theft of keys including £1,000 towards replacement keys and locksmith charges without paying any excess or affecting your no claims discount. 

Excess Protection 

Excess protection covers the reimbursement of the excess you have paid to your insurer following the successful settlement of a claim in respect of malicious damage, accidental damage, fire, theft or attempted theft. You can claim back the excess on claims if you are responsible or the other party involved is uninsured or cannot be identified, benefits include;

  • Two levels of cover available - £300 or £500.
  • Claim your excess back if you have an accident that is not your fault.
  • Covers your insurer excess and voluntary excess.

Multiple claims allowed up to your level of cover.

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